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From early historic times, the Malabar Coast (north Kerala) had witnessed intense maritime activities and was renowned for our orientation to the waters and watercrafts which attracted Chinese and Arab traders and later Europeans to our shores for trade and commerce. Though in modern times, the watercrafts and water related activities are very minimal in the Malabar region, where most people get cold feet when it comes to water related leisure or sporting activities backed by modern day environmental challenges such as river pollution and illegal sand mining activities in our waters. It all started when the founding family of Jellyfish water sports in Kerala, bought an inflatable kayak they bought from Dubai, during their annual vacation and found the experience very interesting, but was saddened to see the amount of floating garbage in the river. When they spoke to fishermen and residents who live by the banks, they all felt equally sad about it and felt there has to be awareness and change in people’s mind.  


Begining of Jellyfish Water Sports in Kerala: Calicut                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

This was the inspiration for creating Jellyfish project, which focuses on attracting everyone back to our waters for leisure, recreational and for serious activities of water sports in Kerala so that there is self-awareness on the need for protecting our waters. In Aug 2013, Jellyfish Water sports in Kerala (Calicut) was launched offering strictly human powered and Eco-friendly water sports activities (non-motorized) in their facility located at the waterfront of the Chaliyaar River within the city limits of Calicut ( Kozhikode), near Kolathara area, just a paddling distance of 5 km from  the iconic Beypore port and estuary where the river meets the Arabian Sea. Jellyfish water sports in Kerala (Calicut) offers a new alternative to the mundane city life and aims to attract youngsters, families, and children to learn a new skill and enjoy our rivers and become a new breed of Eco warriors as well as promote serious sporting talent from our region. Furthermore, Jellyfish water sports in Kerala (Calicut) offers employment opportunities for sporting professionals, outdoor activities enthusiasts, and local fishermen, for an alternative & lucrative lifestyle. Click here to know our list of activities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Jellyfish Water Sports in Kerala, Calicut


Our vision is to facilitate an international standard water sports center for leisure, outdoor adventure and nurturing professional sporting talent from our region with a key focus on maintaining best practices, safety standards. We aim to collaborate with domain experts, local government, sporting, and tourism authorities for achieving excellence.


"Catch Of The Day" is our river clean-up initiative held regularly in which our volunteers participate in collecting non-biodegradable garbage and sort them for recycling. We conduct events and also co-partner with NGOs to promote general awareness among the public about the importance of protecting our water bodies.


Our aim is to make Jellyfish a 100% Eco-friendly space, created for sustainable living and run mainly on solar power. Topmost on our priorities is conservation and empowerment of our local fisher folk. We are also working towards low-carbon emissions and recycling efforts. A perfect combination of nature, recreation, and sports.


To aid your explorations, we offer a variety of exhilarating water sports and activities, for the real dare devils to those who just love to surround by tranquil marine life to the first timers. Each activity at Jellyfish can be enjoyed by adventure enthusiasts of all abilities and ages. Put boring old places behind you and get ready for some real outdoor adventures.


We maintain a ratio of 1 life guard per each 5 participants and use a motorized rescue boat when there is a large group. We work closely with the local fishermen to take advantage of their local knowledge and traditional safety measures. We aim to conduct regular safety audit by competent local bodies and international authorities.


One of our primary focus is to generate awareness about our often neglected marine world and creating an opportunity for our youths and enthusiasts to get more training and experience in water sports so that we have more participants from our country in International events like Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Asian games etc.,

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