10 interesting Facts about Kayaks:

June 20th, 2017

10 interesting Facts about Kayaks:

1. Kayak was invented 4000 years ago.

2. The word “Kayak” means “hunter’s Boat”

3. People who created Kayaks are known as “Intuits”.

4. According to wikipedia there are 8 types of kayaks.

5.Speed of the kayaks depends on the length of it, as in shorter it is the slower it is compared to the longer kayaks.

6. Earlier days seal skin was used to make the Kayaks water proof.

7. Kayaks known as “umiaq” were used by ancient tribes to transport their entire family. These kayaks were upto 60ft in length.

8. Franz Romer became the first kayaker to cross Atlantic ocean in 1928, he travelled 4000 miles from Lisbon to Puerto Rico.

9. Kayakers use International scale of difficulty to specify the strength of the river’s rapid.

10. Germany is leading with 81 overall canoe and kayak medals in Olympics sice its inclusion in 1936 Olympics held in Berlin.

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10 interesting Facts about Kayaks:
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