5 Things To Do In Calicut, Kerala
August 25th, 2017

Calicut popularly known as Kozhikode is a beautiful coastal city in the south Indian state of gods own country (Kerala). It’s known as the city of spices, sculpture and truth. It is located at 98km from Wayanad district and 182km from Cochin. As per the data compiled by economics research firm ”Indicus Analytics Kozhikode,” Calicut is ranked as the 2nd best city in India to reside in, from time immemorial the city has attracted travellers with its prosperity. Here’s our list of Things to do in Calicut, Kerala:

Dolphin Point, Things to do in Calicut, Jellyfish water sports

Dolphin Point: The place is as beautiful as the name of the gorgeous Dolphin. The point is a beautiful, lengthy tree-lined beach. It’s a major crowd puller and one of the top things to do in Calicut. The sighting of dolphins is something that delights people of all ages. The beach is 2km from the centre of Calicut, you can visit this place anytime from Mon-Sun from 06:00 AM to 06:00 PM for a minimal entry fee of Rs 20.00.

Things to do in calicut, Vellarimala, Jellyfish watersports

Vellarimala: It is a breath taking mountain range which is spread across Kozhikode and Wayanad. It forms a part of high hill range of what is otherwise known as Camel’s hump mountains also a part of western ghats. The hill ranges are accessible by foot from Muthappanpuzha, near Anakkampoyil, a small town about 50km from Kozhikode and about 6km by foot from Muthappanpuzha, on the way to Vellarimala hills is the waterfall called “olichuchattam. It is situated 15km from Thiruvambady. This block of compact high mountains is floristically and faunistically similar to the Nilgiri hills and also the reason to hold the second place in our things to do in Calicut.

Things to do in Calicut, Thikkoti Light House, Jellyfish watersports

Thikkoti Light House: It’s now a defunct light house, it was constructed in the year 1907. The area near the light house is soaked in the natural beauty of green coconut and palm plantation with Velliyamkalu rocks on one side and breath taking blue sea on the other. It’s particularly popular among tourists during the winters.

Things to do in Calicut, Kalalundi Bird Sanctuary, Jellyfish Watersports

Kalalundi Bird Sanctuary: This lies in the Malappuram district, it spreads over a cluster of islands where the Kadalundipuzha river flows into the Arabian sea. The sanctuary is 20km from Tirur town centre and 19km from Kozhikode city centre. Over a hundred species of native birds have been recorded in the sanctuary. Notable species are Whimbrels and Brahminy kites. Also, the sanctuary is well known for a wide variety of fish, mussels and crabs. For unique boat tour packages  click here

Things to in Calicut, Chaliyar river, Jellyfish watersports

Chaliyar river: The river is the fourth longest river in the state at 169 km in length. The river originates in the Western Ghats range at Elambari Hills in the Wayanad Plateau of Kerala. Across the river Chaliyar lies the abandoned Grasim Industries factory which once employed 2,000 employees. There are a lot of things to do in Calicut for adventurous people to indulge in adrenaline high activities such as Kayak, Sailing, Rowing, Camping and other activities for further information on the Tours and Package with all the water adventure activities click here.

10 interesting Facts about Kayaks:
June 20th, 2017

1. Kayak was invented 4000 years ago.

2. The word “Kayak” means “hunter’s Boat”

3. People who created Kayaks are known as “Intuits”.

4. According to wikipedia there are 8 types of kayaks.

5.Speed of the kayaks depends on the length of it, as in shorter it is the slower it is compared to the longer kayaks.

6. Earlier days seal skin was used to make the Kayaks water proof.

7. Kayaks known as “umiaq” were used by ancient tribes to transport their entire family. These kayaks were upto 60ft in length.

8. Franz Romer became the first kayaker to cross Atlantic ocean in 1928, he travelled 4000 miles from Lisbon to Puerto Rico.

9. Kayakers use International scale of difficulty to specify the strength of the river’s rapid.

10. Germany is leading with 81 overall canoe and kayak medals in Olympics sice its inclusion in 1936 Olympics held in Berlin.

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